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I have been utilizing sound as a material in my artwork since 1995.

Upon moving to Seattle in 1992 I began to make field recordings, bootlegs of live shows on cassette tape, and experiment with sound.

Between 1995 and 2006 I explored utilizing the combination of sound and object in my artworks.

This methodology manifested in the use of experimental sounds, glitch, and field recordings in sculpture & installation works, of which utilized and created sound (see "Secret Records"). 


The work is based on themes relating to spirituality, location, memory, imagination, ephemera, and metaphysics; considering all to be layers of reference in which to combine.


Appreciation for the unique mental spaces created by experimental composition and improvised music also informs my visual work.

I am curious and enjoy gathering and sharing what I find interesting with others, and prefer to see my life’s creative output as manifestations made on a path.

I began to share field recordings and sound art via self-released audio releases on CD-r, radio broadcasts, and the internet, which I continue to this day.


Artwork I have created which included sound has been seen/heard/performed in the United States, Canada, Europe, Indonesia, Japan, the Middle East, Vietnam, and is included in the collection of the Seattle Art Museum, Tacoma Art Museum, Western Bridge, and numerous private collections.

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